Audible's Black Friday Sale Doesn't Even Take Place on Black Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

Correction: Turns out some dope left last year's Audible sale page up, and somehow we got linked to that. So Audible's Black Friday sale is not happening before Black Friday after all. Sorry about that

The Black Friday deal announcements are coming in fast, and now Audible has announced that it will be doing a one-day sale on audiobooks. It's a members-only thing, as usual, but the weird thing is that it's not actually on Black Friday.

According to Audible there will be 300 books on sale for the Black Friday sale, all costing £2.50 each, and everything will only be available for a single day. The thing is that this is happening on 23rd November, which is about a week before Black Friday itself. It's also a Saturday.

Yeah doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either, but as someone who jumped on the audiobook train I'm going to enjoy getting my hands on some stuff dirt cheap. Because audiobooks are expensive as hell.

Thankfully we know which books are going to be on sale that day, because Amazon has published a big list of them. Among the deals include Northern Lights, which is currently being adapted as part of the BBC's His Dark Materials series, Jurassic Park1984Murder on the Orient Express, Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy, and loads more.

You can head over to Audible now to check out what'll be on offer, and pick out everything you want in advance.