Battery Specialists Say the UK Needs a £1.5bn Gigafactory to Cope With Future EV Demand

By Gary Cutlack on at

A think-tank composed of people who really, really like batteries has said the UK needs to rapidly up its ability to produce the massive banks of cells needed by electric cars, and ought to find as much as £1.5bn to build a local equivalent of US carmaker Tesla's "Gigafactory" battery-only manufacturing facility.

This is from the independent battery enthusiasts at the Faraday Institution, with boss Neil Morris warning that UK-based carmakers are already negotiating long-term battery supply contracts with overseas battery specialists to ship to the UK for insertion into future EV models; quite mad when you consider the size and weight of the things. Morris says the UK needs to be churning out local batteries by 2023, which is great news for the Cornish lithium miners hoping to ramp up production in various distances of future too.

Nissan currently has the UK's only EV battery facility, which Morris says is a "very small" facility outputting 2GWh of capacity each year. A proper UK Gigafactory clone would need to create 15GWh per year to meet 2023's anticipated demand. [Telegraph]