The Best Discounts in Lego's Pre-Black Friday Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

After a fairly disappointing VIP Weekend, offering a few selections to Lego VIP members, Lego has launched its official pre-Black Friday sale - offering 30% off the a selection of sets Lego probably wants to get out of its warehouses.

This is not the proper Black Friday sale, like the VIP Weekend deals, this is a much smaller sale that doesn't have any of the grand, flashier discounts you'd expect from the real thing. These discounts are available from now until the end of the 27th November, giving you three days to enjoy what's on offer.

Well, less, actually, since all the best VIP Weekend deals sold pretty quickly. In other words you're going to have to be quick about this.

At the time of writing some of the discounts don't appear to be showing on the live sales page, but rest assured they're appearing without 30% when you add stuff to your basket. Here's what's on offer:

Again this isn't such a great selection, so hopefully this means Lego is saving the really good ones for the actual Black Friday sale which kicks off on 28th November just after midnight. Here's hoping we can get money off the really big sets, like all the other retailers are offering.

Personally I'll be waiting for those, especially since they'll be coming with the Lego tree with orders over£120.