Black Friday Brings the Cost of BT's Fibre Internet Down to a New Low

By Tom Pritchard on at

The internet providers certainly love to try and flog their services, because why wouldn't they? Now BT is up to those tricks as well, announcing new savings on fibre internet packages, BT Sport, and phone deals. Because for some reason BT sells mobile contracts itself, despite owning EE.

BT's Superfast Fibre Essential package can be purchased for just £25 a month, saving people a total of £120 over the course of 24 months. You can also get the Superfast Fibre Essential package (which comes with the 'Complete Wi-Fi' package) for £35 instead of the usual £40.

On top of this BT TV customers will be able to add BT Sport to their package for an extra £5 a month. If you're with Sky TV you can also get a discount, but it'll cost you £10 a month instead - provided you have BT broadband. If you're on Sky or TalkTalk it'll cost you £20.

Finally are the mobile deals, which can get you 20GB of data for £15 a month, 40GB of data for £25 a month, all with unlimited minutes and texts.  The unlimited data plan is £30 a month, though BT customers are eligible for an extra £5 discount on all deals.

Phone wise you can get the iPhone 8 on a 12GB data plan for £29 a month (saving £144), or an iPhone 7 with prices starting at £21 a month. iPhone 8 buyers can also upgrade to 45GB of data for an extra £2 a month, and iPhone 7 owners can get 12 times the amount of data for an extra £35 a month.

If you're not into Apple the Sony Xperia L1 starts at £10 a month (1GB of data), he Huawei P Smart 2019 starts at £12 a month, and the O30 Lite starts at £17 a month. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy A40 costs £15 a month with 3GB of data, with the option to get 12GB for £17. The Galaxy A70 starts at £19, with an extra £3 a month for 12GB of data.

That's barely scratching the surface, though, and you can check out the rest of BT's deals over on its website.