Bonkers Sci-Fi Genome Sequencing to Become Normal for All UK Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as jabs and eye tests and being poked to make sure they react properly, the children of the UK will soon have a new type of test to go through as part of their NHS and societal indoctrinations – a full genome sequence.

This is the plan of the current Health Secretary, who says such an avalanche of personal data could lead to future health issues being caught young, and usher in a new era of extremely personalised health care, only for us to ruin it all by doing too much sitting down and living entirely on chicken that's gone through several machines so it's shaped like a car or a dinosaur, crispy on the outside and half made of salt.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock thinks this scanning of the nation's genome is a vote-winner, and said: "We will give every child the best possible start in life by ensuring they get the best possible medical care as soon as they enter the world. Predictive, preventative, personalised healthcare – that is the future of the NHS – and whole genome sequencing and genomics is going to play a huge part in that." [Telegraph]