Posh EU Football Will Continue to be Hidden Away on BT Sport

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT Sport will continue to be a vast cash drain on the finances of our largest telecoms company for the next few years at least, as the national phone network-slash-ISP has sent a fresh billion-plus cheque to Uefa in order to maintain exclusive UK rights to show live Champions League matches.

It was thought that Sky, ITV, or perhaps even Amazon or niche sports streamer DAZN could come in and further fragment the live footie market by winning rights, but no, BT's £1.2bn offer was enough to fend off the old and new school broadcasters, securing Gary Lineker a job and the entirely legit HD streams of both the Champions League and Europa League until 2024, or for the next three years after the current deal expires in 2021, in standard football-season measurement.

BT boss Marc Allera promises up to 12 simultaneous matches on busy days, plus some 4K UHD options via... however that happens. [BT]