Burger King's Veggie Whopper Launches in Europe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Burger King has launched its all-veg Rebel Whopper across mainland Europe this week, with 25 countries now able to enjoy a simulated meat eating experience without the worry of having the meal ruined by the finding of a small, unidentifiable tube in the mouthful they saved until last.

It's a slightly weird thing in that manufacturing conglomerate Unilever is taking credit for providing the patty, which comes via producer The Vegetarian Butcher; a formerly independent food sorcerer that was bought out by Unilever last year. Hence the burger comes with the slightly awkward description of "the Rebel Whopper powered by The Vegetarian Butcher," in the 2,500 mainland Europe BK branches that have it for sale right now.

The UK has to wait, mind, with a spokesperson saying it should arrive in Burger King outlets over here "very, very soon" if that helps. BK's EU president David Shear got so excited that an exclamation mark slipped out, when he said: "We are confident that the Rebel Whopper is the sandwich everyone has been waiting for and provides the ultimate plant-based patty alternative with the iconic Whopper build. I'm excited to let the Rebel Whopper do the talking and see whether our guests can tell the difference!" [Unilever via Bloomberg]