Children in Need's Celebrity Singalong Album Pulled from Charts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Official Charts Company has sprayed what we hope is only rain on this year's Children in Need parade, with the official counter of sold records deciding that the BBC-backed celebrity money-raising collection should not be included in the weekly album charts.

This maybe would've been OK if the decision was taken sooner, because earlier this week it looked like the record would hit the number one spot in the main albums chart that's released today and score the BBC fundraiser a massive publicity win; only for Charts Company bosses to declare it a compilation and relegate it to appearing in the compilation-only listings, and therefore rendering it less likely to be picked up on CD by your mum when she next pops into the local garage for £30 of diesel, a Bounty and her weekly exposure to modern musical trends.

The album Got It Covered is indeed a compilation, and is where your ears need to point if they are interested in hearing Jodie Whittaker doing a version of Yellow by Coldplay, or Olivia Colman doing Glory Box by Portishead; the latter a firm test of whether Colman can really do nothing wrong. David Tennant has done perennial Scottish wedding/funeral classic Sunshine on Leith too, and it's all on Spotify if you are genuinely or merely morbidly curious.

The Charts Company says the BBC mislabelled it prior to release, explaining: "Got It Covered was described to us pre-release as an artist album, but on release it was clear that it was a various artists compilation, as it is widely credited as across retail and music services. We are sorry this fact was not picked up sooner, and we are huge supporters of all the incredible and important work Children in Need do and would urge everyone to continue to go out and buy the album." [BBC]