16 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Pets and Their Pawrents

By Holly Brockwell on at

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a fluffy friend to share it with. Whether you're a cat mum, a dog dad or some combination thereof, we've got all the best pet gift ideas for Christmas 2020.

Let's dig in.

1. Personalised hoodie blanket, £34.99

Although Firebox's models mostly show people wrapped cosily up in blankets printed with their own faces (bit egotistical), we'd much rather snuggle up in the beatific expressions of our pets.

Pick a high-res photo of your fluffer and upload it, give them 5-12 working days to print it (this isn't a last-minute type of present, what with being personalised and all), then lounge on the sofa covered in doggos. Blissmas. [Buy it here]

2. A bottle of pawsecco, £2.99

Or Cham-paws, or Beer For Dogs (they ran out of puns for that one, then). Woof & Brew make tasty non-alcoholic drinks for cats and dogs, with a whole load of gifting options including truffles and a bauble. A bottle of Pawsecco (white or rosé) will set you back just £2.99, cheaper than the most rubbish of human plonk. [Buy it here]

3. Where's Woofy? £14.99

Everyone loves a game of Where's Wally at Christmas, and this is even better. Yappy will make you a personalised book featuring your or someone else's dog, with 300 breeds available and a bajillion cartoon lookalikes to choose from for maximum accuracy.

Puntastic search scenes inside the book include the Paw Seasons, Colliefornia Love and Bark in the Park, as well as lots of hidden objects and famous doggos to look out for. [Buy it here]

4. The Cat Game, £7.99

The hairy box is a bit grim, but the game's good, we promise.

Like a cat version of Pictionary, The Cat Game involves picking out a card, drawing the cat-related clue and getting everyone to guess correctly. It's a simple premise, but like all the best games, ridiculously fun. [Buy it here]

5. A jar of Mutella, £9.95

While you're wolfing down your third selection box, treat your pup to something delicious that won't kill him (chocolate is mega toxic to dogs, FYI).

This jar of 'Mutella' is a polyester plush with a squeaker inside, so all the comedy gold photo opportunities with none of the risk. [Buy it here]

6. Santa costume, £9.99

LOOK HOW PISSED OFF THIS CAT IS. Turn Christmas into pissmas with this amazing little costume.

'Little' is the operative word, though: it's not gonna fit a Maine Coon, and it'll only work on really tiny dogs (try Mama's Pets on Etsy for similar costumes in other sizes). Totally worth losing your fingertips for. [Get it here]

7. We Rate Dogs game, £21.99

The We Rate Dogs Twitter account is probably the best thing that's come out of this entire internet experiment (other than Giz UK of course). If you've been looking for a way to throw your cash at it and have something doggo-shaped to take home, here it is: We Rate Dogs the card game.

You get a set of dog cards and play your good bois against everyone else's to find the Best In Show. Woofers are rated on categories including boopability, ears, and floof, and the minimum rating is of course 10/10. [Buy it here]

8. Catvent calendar, £8

You might have seen Scrumbles on Dragon's Den, pitching their tummy-friendly cat and dog food. This year, they're doing advent calendars for cats and dogs, with 50p of the purchase price going to animal charities.

Obviously, your pet has no idea what date it is, so feel free to give them 5 at a time like you do with your own advent calendar. [Get it here.]

9. Great British Bark-Off Apron, £25

GBBO might have finished for the year, but there'll no doubt be various festive reboots, and besides, it is very much the season of eating. This daft apron celebrates a bark-off between a big woofer and a little yapper, but who's getting the handshake is anyone's guess. [Get it here]

10. Purritos, £19.99 each

Squeeeeeeeee! These are the cutest things since Horatio from Shakespaw's Cat Café.

Purritos are adorable little cat plushies wrapped up like burritos in foil. They come in three 'flavours' (colours, really) and make a perfect little desk friend to keep you company while you're away from your own kitty. [Get them here]

11. Mr and Mrs Sprout dog toys, £3 each

Instead of feeding Fido your dodgy table scraps, give him a couple of sprouts of his own. These, from Pets At Home, are adorable, squeakable, and won't cause farts. Win-win-win. [Get them here]

12. Animated cat hat, £29.99

There are a lot of cat hats about for winter, but this is the best one. Gently pull on its paws and the ears dance all by themselves. It's frickin' adorable. Also available in bunny and corgi designs, although the latter is currently sold out. [Get them here]

13. Webbox festive sticks, £1

We don't know what Webbox put in their manky meat sticks, but both cats and dogs go absolutely ga-ga for them, so it's probably best we never find out.

Both the cat and dog sticks are available in Christmassy turkey and cranberry flavour, a bargain at £1 for six. [Get them here]

14. Dog leg warmers with matching human socks, £2o

A set of candy-cane striped leg warmers for doggos (sizes small to large) and a pair of thick weekend socks for you (sizes 4-7 and 7-9).

They also come with a dog IQ test (if he avoids the leg warmers we'd say he's pretty smart), ribbon, gift tag and card. [Get them here]

15. Christmas Cat Hampurr, £19.90

Fresh out of ideas? How about just a box of treats? Can't go wrong, really -- after all, they have zero idea it's Christmas and will just appreciate being spoilt as they feel they should be the rest of the year. [Get it here]

16. New Year, New You Dog Box, £26.99

Technically this is supposed to be for January, but we all know it'll have been snarfed up by the end of Boxing Day, along with everything except the last bit of turkey that no one can quite face. Includes snacks, toys and treats. [Get it here]