10 Christmas Gift Ideas for That One Person Who is Really Hard to Buy For

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone has one of these people in their family or friend group. The people that are so awkward to buy for because you can't quite figure out what they want, and when you ask them for some ideas they don't know what to suggest. In the case of my Mum, nobody else knows what to suggest either, unless I'm willing to spend several hundred pounds on stuff I can't afford.

If you need to buy a gift for this person, you need some ideas, right? Let's go through some great options that should end up rather appreciated on Christmas morning.

Amazon Gift Card

Yes it's a cop out, and it's really the least imaginative gift imaginable, but at least this way they get some sort of present to enjoy. It's like giving them cash, but ensuring they will actually buy something with it when the Boxing Day sales arrive. How much you give is up to you.


Everyone loves Lego. Even if they claim that they don't love Lego, that just means they forgot how much fun it could be to build a set and play with those little plastic bricks. There is plenty of Lego out there to choose from, and chances are you can pick a set that is related to one of their interests for a not too expensive amount.

Christmassy Flowers

Photo by Dimitri Iakymuk on Unsplash

This may go down better with your grandma than Uncle Steve the bodybuilder, so this is an idea that totally depends on the person you're buying for. Not everyone appreciates flowers, but then again some people just love to be given something that looks nice. Various florists stock Christmas bouquets for you to enjoy, though you can always grab an actual potted plant.

There are plenty of regular flowers associated with Christmas too, like the amaryllis, poinsettia, holly, cyclamen, and more. Those can usually be picked up quite cheaply, and they have that added longevity that florist arrangements do not.

Charity Donations

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Yeah, yeah, this is just as much of a cop out as the Amazon gift card, but if someone is being a pain it's better than nothing. Especially if you go and donate to a charity they actually like.


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Whether it's Netflix, Audible, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Pornhubor even physical magazines, there are plenty of subscriptions you could buy that someone would enjoy. Some of them are even available as gift cards too, provided you know where to look. And if they complain you didn't get them a proper present you can turn round and tell them that this is better - especially since they didn't give you any clue as to what they wanted.

An Experience Day

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Probably the best option on this list, since those 'experience' days offer you the chance to do things you'd never be allowed to do in a million years by yourself. Is anyone going to let you drive a supercar in your own time? No way, not unless you manage to get a job at Top Gear Magazine or some other motoring-centric media brand

Places you can check out for ideas include Red Letter Days, Virgin Experience Days, buyagift, Amazon, and the aptly named Experience Days.


A Meal Out

There are a few options available to you here. You can go the easy way and get someone a gift card for a specific restaurant chain they do (almost all of them will sell them), or you can make it a bit harder and take them somewhere fancy in person and make it clear you care they have something nice. How you do it is up to you, though you can probably snag a bargain if you check the dining experience on the above experience day vendors, or check the likes of Groupon for any local deals happening.


Maybe this is just a sign you've given up, but it gets cold in the winter and the extremities feel those the most. Plus depending on how good a person's slippers are, and how much they wear them, they might be getting a bit worn. So grab them some slippers to enjoy, or worst comes to worst you can always get a dressing gown.

A Mystery Box, from £30

The sign you really have given up, and don't know what to do. Or you're too lazy to find out. Either way grabbing a mystery box takes all the pressure of you, and if they end up with something terrible you can always blame the people at Firebox for not picking a random bunch of items they'd like.

Firebox do a lot of these, and you'll get a choice of different things to better match the recipient. Gadgets, food, booze, Star Wars, and more. You can check them all out here. Unless you want to be really cheap and just get them a badly-wrapped secret santa box for £13.



No need to elaborate further, really.

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