York Shop Bans Christmas Music Already

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some people may be excited about hearing 11 songs on a continual loop again for the next six weeks, but not those who staff posh modern off licence York Gin; where all Christmas music has been banned already, much to the glee of management enjoying both the silence and the burst of publicity from their decision going viral online.

This sort of thing must happen in thousands of shops across the country every year, when staff revolt against enforced Shakin' Stevens and demand the music stops. But maybe what's getting York Gin in the news is this pre-emptive strike and the ban being implemented in mid-November, before anyone even has the chance to be cynical and sigh about the feelgood festive CD looping for the seventh time of the day.

Shop director Emma Godivala said: "Our lovely team are happy with the decision. They say lots of other shop staff are already going stir crazy with the same Christmas hits being played on a loop. That said, if Mariah appeared in the shop, we might just overturn the ban for a while and play All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Mariah wouldn't just appear. Her people would make an appointment and demand the shop was fumigated, closed to the general public for the duration of her visit, and would supply a pre-approved soundtrack. [Guardian]