Crossrail Delayed/Will Cost More Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's one of those news stories ripe for automation, as we can report once again that [UK infrastructure project] has been delayed until [date] and will cost at least [£x m/b] more than initially expected.

The UK infrastructure project here is Crossrail, which we'll continue calling Crossrail until at least the 2040s no matter how many signs Transport for London puts up saying it's the Elizabeth Line from now. Management has said that the full opening of the critical central section of London's new tube line will not happen in 2020, as was previously wildly optimistically hoped, and has now been given a vague timeslot of "as soon as practically possible" in  the year 2021.

At one point in the distant past it was supposed to be open in 2018, and was also supposed to cost quite a bit less than £18bn, with new cost "overruns" discovered today adding as much as £650m to the price of getting all the middle bit in the city up and running. The bulk of the delay this time is being blamed on the "software development for the signalling and train systems" and safety approvals processes, although the positive news is that test runs running over the full line should start in 2020, so it will happen at some point and is not going to be revoked, backfilled and forgotten about. [Crossrail via Guardian]