Dark Web Drug Dealers Get in on the Black Friday Sales Bonanza

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analysis of traffic on the hidden, anonymous portion of the internet known as the dark web shows that criminals are getting in on the Black Friday sales campaigning too, with bargains offered in the realms of bulk stolen credit card information, drugs and "black hat" hacking tools.

This comes from the people at Digital Shadows, who have the special browser and whatnot needed to access the supposedly hidden sites. They found an example of a site known as BriansClub – which specialises in hacked credit card sales – offering discounts should buyers pull the trigger on a tempting selection of compromised card numbers and associated personal data as a pre-Christmas treat for themselves.

A bigger scale of seasonal sale is regularly run at UnderMarket 2.0, a darknet site that's home to large numbers of sellers specialising in imported fake products and drugs, with as much as a 30 per cent discount on offer during Black Friday periods. So there, load up your bitcoin wallet and grab yourself a hopefully untraceable bargain. [Digital Shadows via Independent]