Deliveroo Jumps on the Fancy Christmas Bauble Bandwagon With Food-Shaped Ornaments

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Subway made a few headlines by launching special Christmas Baubles filled with some of the chain's sandwich sauces. Then Just Eat released baubles that were literal onion bhajis, because that's not gross at all. This year Deliveroo is jumping on that bandwagon, but without the edible part.

The ornaments are limited-edition, money-can't-buy items, according to the press release, and are based on some of the products sold by Deliveroo partners. Specifically ASK Italian, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Bryon, GBK, Wagamama, and Yo! Sushi.

That means these hand-painted, resin ornaments comes in the shape of a bargain bucket, pizza, a whopper, a dumpling, and more. Honestly, it's not the weirdest thing a company has done to try and get free advertising around the Christmas season.

But the money-can't-buy aspect was rather literal, since you can't go out and order these. 1,000 of them are available, and they'll be randomly added to Deliveroo orders throughout the Christmas season. In other words the more you order from Deliveroo, the better your chance.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo says:

“Christmas isn’t just about pigs in blankets and brussels sprouts and Deliveroo are here to prove it by giving our customers a foodie treat for their tree. We wanted to show off some of the most iconic dishes available from some of our best-loved restaurants, which are likely to get even Santa drooling as he puts your presents under the tree.”