Deliveroo Invents the Takeaway If You're Up for a Walk

By Gary Cutlack on at

Deliveroo was invented after I stopped living in a city so I don't really get the appeal of having a lukewarm restaurant meal delivered in unappealing foil tray format, but, apparently, it's all the rage! To such an extent that Deliveroo has expanded into the "click and collect" sector with its new Pickup service; widening the choice of lukewarm meals in trays, but meaning you have to go and get it yourself.

The delivery specialist says Pickup features full menus from 700 restaurants in 13 cities at launch today, and it hopes that before a year is out it'll have more than 10,000 restaurants shovelling the chef's carefully smeared jus and crosshatched asparagus into a tray for customers to come out and get themselves. Deliveroo seems to be claiming to have invented the concept of taking your food away from the premises in which it is prepared to consume at home, something which we believe used to exist in the UK under the generic name of "a takeaway."

Deliveroo makes a cut for not really doing anything at all, and the restaurants get to sell more food without having to sweep the floor and wipe the placemats after. Seems a bit of a convoluted way of obtaining your dinner, but there you go. Saves buttering your own toast.