Disney+ Really Doesn't Want You Getting Access to It Early, and Has Blocked VPN Accounts

By Shabana Arif on at

Opting for piracy rather than taking your money seems to be preferable for the new streaming platform.

Look, let's cut the shit for a moment here. Making people wait until a quarter of the way through 20-pissing-20 to get access to Disney+ is insane. No, people shouldn't be pirating things, but that's the world we live in, and if people are trying to give you their money rather than pirate your shit, because they don't want to wait that long, that's a good thing. Piracy prevails when the legitimate avenues become ridiculously inconvenient, so armed with knowledge, Disney is blocking VPN access to its streaming service.

Screen Binge reports that a number of VPN services have been unceremoniously blocked by Disney+ this week, with just NordVPN and PureVPN working right now, although at this rate, they'll be blocked before long to.

Just after it launched - in the few regions it's gone live in - The Mandalorian shot to the top of the piracy charts in spite of Disney's use of Widevine DRM which actually caused issues for users on particular devices.

So you'll just have to do what you gotta do until March 31 rolls around because Disney apparently doesn't want your money before then. [CBR]