Lorry Driver Caught With £20m of Cocaine Hidden Inside Frozen Ham

By Gary Cutlack on at

Detectives operating in the port of Harwich had a hunch that something wasn't right in the back of a lorry purporting to be delivering ham for the nation's lunches, and the vehicle was indeed riding dirty and packed with cocaine rated at a street value of around £20m.

Well, there was a bit of meat in the lorry too, as the bundles of the drug were inserted into lumps of frozen meat. We have no idea if freezing it keeps the cocaine fresher or not. The driver would appear to be taking the entirety of the blame for this at the moment, as the National Crime Agency has charged the Dutch man with attempting to import Class A drugs.

Jacque Beer from the NCA put a badge on his own lapel, and said: "Our investigation into those responsible is continuing, but we can say that this will have put a big dent in the profits of the criminal network likely to be behind it and caused them substantial disruption." [BBC]