eBay's Black Friday Sale Gets You 20% Off

By Shabana Arif on at

The sale is over before Black Friday rolls around, but what do you care? A discount is a discount.

Pretty much everyone is having a Black Friday sale before the fact, and eBay eases into the fray with 20 per cent off selected sellers using code PRIZE20 at checkout. As usual, there's a minimum spend and maximum discount - £25 miniumum with a max discount of £75 in this case - and unlike the majority of its sale promo codes that can be redeemed a couple of times, this one is a single use, so have a good old peruse before committing to your purchase.

The sale kicks off at 10am today, and runs until midnight on Thursday, November 21. No doubt we'll see another, actual Black Friday sale hot on the heels of this one, so it's up to you if you want to splurge on a big ticket item with 20 per cent off now, or hang in there and keep your fingers crossed that an even bigger sale is on the way, and use your code on something less extravagant.

There are some big brands participating, meaning you can get money off a 4K Samsung smart TV, Apple Watch Series 4, and an 1TB Xbox One S Gears 5 bundle.

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