EE's 5G Network Expands to 14 New Towns and Cities

By Shabana Arif on at

EE's 5G rollout continues and its eager to let you know how much more coverage it has than Vodafone.

Let's forget where exactly EE is switching its 5G on for a moment and bolster its efforts to swing its dick around in the midst of a pissing contest with Vodafone, which is something that sounds like tremendous fun and also quite messy.

RootMetrics - a company that performs independent tests of mobile network performance - measured "how often devices connected to 5G during download testing" in London, Cardiff, and Birmingham, and found that EE knocked the socks off Vodafone with 60.6 per cent connectivity in London, 43.4 per cent in Cardiff, and 51.6 per cent in Birmingham, compared to Vodafone's 21.7 per cent (London), 14 per cent (Cardiff), and 10.8 per cent (Birmingham).

Vodafone's 5G network went live in July, and doubled the reach of its 5G network just a few weeks later after adding a list of new locations, although that clearly hasn't helped the quality.

EE's last 5G expansion was in October with the addition of a handful of key locations that included a bunch of London train stations. Today, EE switched on its first 5G sites in Liverpool, Glasgow, and Huddersfield, and also added Castlereagh, Guildford, Hamilton, Harlow, Hoddesdon, Kimberley, Lisburn, Maidstone, Sydenham, Watford, and Wolverhampton to the list.

The network now has more places with 5G coverage in the UK than its competition, with its sights set on 5G connectivity in 45 cities and "large towns" by the end of the year.