Flying All Good Again as EasyJet Promises to Plant Some Trees

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greta Thunberg has been given the OK to jet back from that environmental conference she's currently sailing to, as the UK's unofficial national flyer EasyJet has made aeroplanes totally fine again thanks to agreeing to plant some trees.

Admittedly it is planting quite a lot of trees, as the company's latest set of financial data contains a pledge to commit as much as £25m to an array of environmentally sound carbon offsetting initiatives, including "renewable and community based projects" as well as simply racking out the Homebase lemon cypress saplings. This, the airline says, will allow itself to describe... itself as the world's first (net) zero-carbon airline. We foresee a court case or at least an Advertising Standards Authority ruling coming over that claim, but it is at least having a go at being good.

To help pay for it all EasyJet is relaunching its package holiday business, as bosses believe there's a gap in the market for fully-booked, hotels-and-all travel experiences, following the collapse of all-in-one holiday chain Thomas Cook. [Sky News]