Black Friday Bundle Gets You Free, or Discounted, Sky TV When You Buy a New LG TV

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all love a good deal, and when it comes to buying a TV Black Friday is a good way to find one that's had a few hundred quid knocked off. Just so long as you make sure it's not terrible, and you get stuck with a dodgy device. But what if your new Black Friday television came with a free, or discounted, subscription to Sky TV?

That's the case thanks to a new partnership between LG and Sky, which offers an 18-month Sky TV package for less than the normal price -provided you buy a qualifying TV. Specifically the qualifying TVs are LG's 2019 OLED TVs, which you may have guessed are the really expensive one. As in, the multi-thousand pound ones.

In other words it's not the kind of thing you want if you're only really interested in discounted Sky TV.

But if you have the money to buy the right TV you might as well get the Sky package thrown in too:

The offer is available until 3rd January, or until LG runs out of bundles to sell. Once you have your TV you can head over to Sky to redeem the bundle for your enjoyment.

There are other T&Cs too, like how everyone has to pay Sky an admin fee (£50 if you're new or upgrading to Q, or £10 if you're an existing Q customer). Also if the TVs are returned you'll have to start paying full price for the service. And you're only allowed to claim one free, or discounted subscription, no matter how many TVs you buy.