You Can Get 50% off the Galaxy S10e With Argos, Assuming You Can Find a Store With Stock

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier today we posted about how Amazon was selling the Samsung Galaxy S10e for £499, which is a pretty good price considering some of those bundles came with a free £80+ speaker. But the phone on its own was also £399, and that could be better. In fact it is better, because Argos is selling it for £334.50

That's 50% off the normal price, for those keeping count, and it only applies to the 'Canary Yellow' colour. If you want a green S10e you'll have to pay £399, though that's still cheaper than Amazon. It goes up to the same £499 Amazon is asking for if you want it in black or white.

But considering most phones go in a case (or they should), the colour doesn't really matter.

The downside here is that Argos is a bit weird when it comes to home delivery. There has to be stock in your local area before the retailer will ship it out to you (or your local store), and that's not guaranteed. In fact nowhere round me has the S10e in stock, but there are some.

So if you really want this deal you may have to travel. Or suck it up and pay the extra £65. Shockingly the colours that aren't discounted quite as much as readily available. Who would have guessed that would happen?