Get Your Kids into STEM with a Discount With £24 off the Sphero Mini Robotic Ball

By Tom Pritchard on at

The world is full of toys designed to get kits into STEM and coding, and Sphero's contribution to that growing industry are a range of different robotic balls kids can learn to programme for themselves. They're not too expensive normally, but today you can grab one with £24 off in Amazon's Black Friday Sale.

Normally the Sphero Mini costs £50, but today (and only today) you can get it for £26. But only if you get the blue or football-patterned ones, because any other colour will cost you £35. £15 isn't a bad discount, but £26 is always better.

Of course that's the bare-bones discount, and if you want a bunch of extra stuff to do with the Sphero Mini you're going to have to pay more. Thankfully the Sphero Mini Activity Kit which has accessories to programme the ball to interact with, is £20 off the normal price. So you can grab that for £60 instead of £80.