Get Yourself a Robotic Slave/Housekeeper With This £240 Roomba Discount

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nobody likes vacuuming, which is why we developed robots to help that burden. Sure they're not as efficient as doing it ourselves with a proper vacuum, but in our increasingly busy society most of us are two busy woking three jobs to afford the rent on our London broom cupboards.

Sadly not everyone can afford a Roomba, but with £240 off they became a little bit more affordable for the masses.

This is the iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which has Wi-Fi, app control, and comes bundled with an Echo Dot you can use to send commands to it with your voice. It was £690, but now it's £450, which is pretty nice. Still expensive, but if you were on the fence about picking one of these up then this might be the push you needed.

Just as long as you don't have pets. Contrary to what funny internet clips might have you believe, cats and dogs do not like the Roomba.