Glasgow Humoured With Some Sort of Cultural Award Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some people at the European Commission have decided to do a bit of promotion on behalf of Glasgow off their own backs, and have named the city the UK's top cultural and creative centre, like even including London and York. And to be fair, it does have some statues and even a Christmas market nowadays.

The report says the city has: "...gained recognition as a creative and cultural centre of European importance," probably because of that statue that always has a cone on top of it and may or may not be art but makes you think, with the city also highly rated for its "openness, tolerance and trust." Maybe they actually mean the Glasgow in Kentucky, although that's a bit far off the EC's remit so it must be talking about the Scotland one.

The next spots on the UK cultural inclusiveness chart are taken by London, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester, with neighbouring Scots city Edinburgh scoring top for arts venues and facilities. [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash