Google Slashes the Price on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL

By Gavin Whenman on at

It's Thursday, which of course means many retailers have already launched their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, because time is an illusion and sales times doubly so.

Google has got in on the action by slashing the price on its mid-market Pixel 3a and beefier Pixel 3a XL smartphones. Before the deals launched, the 3a would've set you back £399, but you can now pick it up for a much more wallet-friendly £329, while the XL has seen its price fall to £399 from £469. Both are available at the Google store.

As our review of the 3a and its XL sibling in May pointed out, the original prices were already a great deal, so this drop only makes it more of a steal. As mid-market devices, the pair don't have all the premium bells and whistles, although given those bells and whistles now include camera notches, the disappearance of headphone jacks and water resistance most of us probably aren't going to utilise, you might not miss them and both smartphones still come with a rear camera almost identical to the Pixel 3, the much-pricier Google premium device recently superseded by the Pixel 4.

Talking of which, the company's also lowered the cost of the 4 and 4 XL by £70, but the new flagship has been beset with annoying issues, so it might not be the bargain it initially appears.