GoPros are Expensive, But Black Friday Means They're a Lot Less Anxiety-Inducingly Pricey

By Tom Pritchard on at

GoPro is the king of the action camera business, and usually with good reason, but fucking hell are those little cameras expensive. Well cameras are expensive in general, but GoPro knows it's top of the market and prices its flagship action cams accordingly. So when shopping seasons roll around it's always great to see that they're getting some sort of discount. That way you don't hit your credit card limit absurdly early. Again.

The latest flagship is the GoPro Hero 8 Black, which shoots in 4K, 60FPS, and includes all the other things you'd expect from an action camera with a £380 asking price - like waterproofing, GPS, and Wi-Fi. But thankfully there's a bundle available at John Lewis that kn0cks £100 off the usual price.

This bundle normally goes for £430, which is a fair bit more than the camera on its own (duh), but you do get a lot of goodies with it. Goodies like an extra battery, a grip, a head mount, and a 32GB microSD card. John Lewis has it for £330, which is also less than the Hero8 costs by itself. Not a bad deal if you ask us.

And if that's still too expensive for you (we don't blame you) you can also knab the slightly older Hero7 White over at John Lewis for £130 - which is £20 less than the usual asking price. Not such a big discount, but it's still a good price for the Hero8's direct predecessor.