Government Ignores Objections to New Cumbrian Coal Mine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Objections to West Cumbria Mining's plan to open a new coal mine in the UK for the first time since forever have been dismissed by the government, so the Woodhouse Colliery project is definitely going to happen. Men will go back to digging it out, although probably with machinery and helmets and pensions now, and maybe some women even.

The council gave West Cumbria Mining permission to go ahead and start the digging back in March, although protesters asked the government to call-in the plan for further analysis, given, you know, the environmental c-word being involved. That hasn't happened, though, with the final decision being handed back to local councillors; and the council giving the scheme the double thumbs-up.

Primarily because of the promise of jobs – 500 of 'em, sarge – albeit ones that involve depriving workers of access to vitamin D. Protesters say Cumbria's awash with potential for renewables, though, and that this sort of thing sends the wrong message about the direction the UK is heading in as a whole, with nearby Lib Dem MP Tim Farron saying the plan is a "backwards step" in this age of burgeoning turbines. [BBC]