Poor Children Priced Out of Getting Touched by Harrods' Santa

By Gary Cutlack on at

The kids of the many will have to be happy with a packet of crisps for Christmas handed over by a shop assistant wearing a seasonally coloured SPAR hat, as the fortunate children of the super-rich few are the only ones allowed to enjoy a visit with Santa in the privacy of the Harrods grotto.

The upmarket department store for people who do not shop around has installed a basic limit of £2,000 on the amount that must be spent in-store before their children qualify to visit the old man who's pretending to be Santa. Like, some people spend £2,000 in one shop, and don't emerge with a car or deposit for a flat in return. That's their usual shopping bill. Oh but there's more too. The families who do somehow blow £2,000 on hams and jumpers and candy canes with edible gold leaf horn handle detailing and whatnot must then spend a further £20 to book an appointment with Santa.

A Harrods spokesperson told the Guardian that the minimum spend floor has been introduced as a way of limiting demand, and it's not wrong. Thousands of posh people have still booked it out already though. There's no saying no to little Charlie. He's already being taught he gets what he wants because of grandad's money. [Metro]

Image credit: Unsplash