Huge Medical Cannabis Trial Targets 20,000 UK Patients

By Gary Cutlack on at

Doctors hope to solve the issue of the benefits of medicinal cannabis once and for all this year, when a trial involving input from 20,000 UK patients is set to get under way.

The two-year trial, backed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, will look for firm evidence that the non-psychoactive blends of the plant are indeed capable of generating the serious medical benefits that many self-funding users claim, with the hope being that such a raft of positive evidence may be enough to get cannabis products approved for a much wider distribution via the NHS; without onerous layers of bureaucracy to get through first, and for problems that aren't so life-threatening to their sufferers that they get on the news.

RCP president Wendy Burn said: "The RCP hopes this project will address the paucity of evidence for the use of cannabis-based medicinal products in all health settings, including mental health. We hope that this project, along with other research such as more much-needed randomised control trials, will continue to build the evidence on CBMPs [Cannabis-based medicinal products]." [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash