Car Thieves Caught by Instagramming Poses With Their Stolen Rides

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police have apprehended a group of car thieves in Leeds, after the criminals made the enormous and hilariously modern error of posing with their stolen vehicles for boastful social media images.

Despite obscuring their faces with emojis when sharing the images, the Instagram photos were matched with unmasked originals still held on one of the criminal's mobile phones. Whoops. Of even more comic interest is the fact that West Yorkshire Police said they found the images on an Instagram hub called "Mr Dingers", where criminals allegedly gather to post photos of things they've stolen. Perhaps with their girlfriends' bottoms in shot too and a well-placed bottle of water from a major brand that's attempting to influence within the low-life demographic?

Apparently Mr Dingers is a private group, so we can't find it. That's sad. The Sun did an investigation into it earlier in the year, though, finding oodles of photos of stolen cars and scary men with enormous knives. And they're not using them for crusty sourdough. Three men have been charged by West Yorkshire Police for their socially shared crimes in Leeds, earning between three and four years jail time each for their parts in stealing £568,000 worth of luxury cars.  [BBC]