iPads are Normally Too Expensive, So Take Advantage of the Deals While You Can

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple products are notoriously expensive, overpriced even, and anyone who knows anything knows you're paying for the brand name not the devices themselves. That's not to say Apple devices are bad, just not normally worth the money. Especially iPads, because tablets aren't nearly as useful as their prices suggests. So when there's a chance to get money off, you should pay attention.

Devices on Apple products don't come all that often, and right now Amazon is offering discounts on the iPad Pro and the latest iPad model (the one with the 10.2-inch screen that's just called 'iPad').

If you want a cheap iPad that isn't horrendously old, the fact that Amazon is selling them for £299 means it's probably the place to pick one up. Granted that's just the 32GB Wi-Fi-only model, but what did you expect from Apple? Of course you can jump to 128GB for £100 more (Wi-Fi only again). The cellular models barely have any money off, meaning they're going to cost £448.27 and £541.85 respectively. Not worth it in my opinion, just use your phone as a hotspot.

The deals on the iPad Pro aren't quite so generous, and you're left with last year's model getting its priced slashed. But £448 for the 10.5-inch model with 256GB storage isn't such a bad deal - especially when it normally costs £769 and works out cheaper than the 64GB model. Seriously, that one is £504.53, which is a ludicrous comparison.

Of course there are other tablets getting discounts (Amazon's own supply come to mind), but really cheap tablets generally do feel cheap. Amazon's definitely do. And no matter what you think of iPads and Apple, 'cheap shit' is not a phrase that comes to mind.