Save £260 in the iPhone X With This Black Friday Deal

By Tom Pritchard on at

The iPhone X may be a few years old by now, but it's an iPhone. That means it holds its value better than Spider-Man holds onto walls, because people just love to buy iPhones and Apple isn't fond of price drops when it doesn't need them. So it's nice to see a 25% discount hit Amazon for Black Friday.

The deal covers the 64GB iPhone X in silver, and lowers the price from £899 to £639 - saving you £260 from the normal price. A normal price which also happens to be £200 lower than the original retail price when it debuted in 2017.

Of course if the iPhone isn't for you, but you still want an Apple product, you can still get your hands on a discounted iPad Pro, and £150 off this year's 10.2-inch iPad.