You Can Get an iPhone XR with 60GB of Data in the Black Friday Sales, But Only if You're Quick

By Tom Pritchard on at

iPhones are popular, but expensive, and it really says something when devices hold their value for so long because people desperately want to get their hands on an Apple phone for themselves. So any good discount on a recent iPhone is worth checking out, like this iPhone XR for under £30 a month. has the iPhone XR available on Vodafone for just £29 a month - and no upfront cost. In other words it's going to cost you £696 over the course of the 24 month contract.

That's only £67 more than buying the phone directly from Apple SIM free, and works out at around £2.80 a month. £2.80 for unlimited calls, minutes, and 60GB of data? We can all agree that's a great deal.

The only downsides are that it's locked to Vodafone, and you only have until 6pm to take advantage of the deal. There's a countdown on the page, and after it reaches zero it looks like this deal will be gone.