Jeremy Corbyn's Allotment is Doomed if Labour Win at Election 2019

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Labour party has had an idea that's both relatively straightforward to explain and all of its party members are able to agree upon, as it's announced that it'll plant as many as two billion new trees across England by 2040 – should all the people who were badgered into registering to vote put their excited pencil crosses next to their local Labour candidate's name in next month's general election.

It's part of Labour's "plan for nature" that also includes a pledge to create 10 new national parks to safeguard squirrels and whatnot, plus by magicking up an all-new forestry industry for England as many as 20,000 "green jobs" would be created over the coming decades, as someone's got to sweep up the leaves and fence the deer off and eat all the acorns and all that.

Labour – and England as a whole – is already quite far behind Scotland, though, as the last time people mooted planting trees as a good, vote-winning idea the SNP explained that it's been merrily reforesting vast chunks of Scotland for years without anyone really noticing, to such an extent that Scotland currently accounts for 84 per cent of the UK's annual new-tree-planting numbers. [BBC]