Kettering's Minotaur Wicker Man Burns Ahead of Schedule

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nine-metre wicker man built in the shape of a minotaur has been burnt down, which was the whole idea behind it. Sadly, it was supposed to be set on fire over fireworks night this weekend to amaze and warm hundreds of cold locals, not set to burn on Monday for the private amusements of a handful of arsonists.

The enormous wicker minotaur had been built in Wicksteed Park in Kettering, where locals are clearly up for a bit of pagan-style public burning alongside their cup of soup and flapjacks. Northamptonshire Police say they are investigating the premature lighting of the beast as arson, although park officials say the fireworks event will go ahead as planned. There's a laser show anyway, which will look much better now there won't be a massive fire illuminating the sky around the area.

A spokesperson for the park said: "Unfortunately, it will not be possible to rebuild the Minotaur Wicker Man in time for Saturday," so if locals have any old sofas they want rid of, please drop them off at the park gates. [BBC]