There's Another Lego Batmobile Coming, Based on the 1989 Movie

By Tom Pritchard on at

Would you believe that it's been 30 years since Tim Burton's rendition of Batman first hot the big screen? It has, and to celebrate Lego is releasing a brand new Lego Batmobile based on the one Michael Keaton drove around in his quest to take out the Joker.

The car itself its comprised of 3,306 pieces, measures in at 60cm long (plus 12cm high and 22cm wide) and comes with three brand new minifigures. There's Batman with a unique cape, Joker with a new face and torso, and Vicki Vale complete with a new torso and leg piece.

It also comes with a cockpit that actually slides open, and two machine guns that pop out of the hood when you turn the turbine exhaust that makes this particular Batmobile so memorable. It even has Batman emblems on the wheels, in case you forgot who this car belongs to, and specially designed front tyres

As is the case with sets of this size, the '89 Batmobile will come with a display stand and information plate, though the key difference now is that it rotates for easy viewing.

The set arrives in Lego stores and online on 29th November for the crazy price of £220. You may have realised that this is Black Friday, and Lego has confirmed that this launch is part of a larger Black Friday event - the details of which have yet to be announced.

It does cost a lot, but anyone who buys the set between launch day and the 5th December will also get a mini Batmobile to go with it. While stocks last anyway