Get Lego's Motorised Passenger Train for Half the Normal Price at Argos

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego is pricey, and the motorised Lego sets have proven themselves to be even more expensive on account of the fact that they can move around on their own without the need for a person to push them around. The Lego City Passenger Train (60197) is one such set, and while it normally costs £130 from Lego today Argos is selling it for half that price.

£65 is how much you have to part with to get your hands on one of these, assuming Argos actually has them in stock in your area. There are quite a few round me, though they're all click & collect. Not that I'd want to pay £4 for delivery anyway.

No doubt these are going to sell out fast, and the way Argos does things means you need to be extra quick to get one before the supply in your local area dries up until after the sale has ended.

There are no free gifts like Lego is offering, but with a price cut this steep you can afford not to pick up a Christmas tree. And those VIP points.