Save £90 on Lego's Disney Train & Station in Today's Black Friday Deals

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's Black Friday today, and that means all the sales are in full swing trying to get you to spend your money on stuff you probably wouldn't have bought before. Lego is no different, now two days into the proper Black Friday sale, and to celebrate that fact it's released a bunch of new deals to be enjoyed. Among them is 30% off the Disney Train and Station.

Normally a crazy £300, the Disney Train & Station is now just £210 thanks to a 30% discount Lego has applied to a large range of sets. It was infamous for that pricetag when it was announced, with many fans crying "Disney tax", but it seems now is your chance to get it on the cheap. Well, significantly cheaper than normal, which is about as much as you can hope for with Lego.

It has a motor and sound effects too, which is really nice.

But that's not all. Today Lego also dropped 30% of loads more sets including the soon-to-be-retired Saturn V (now £77), the new Hogwarts Express (now £52.49), the Avengers Ultimate Quinjet that did not appear in Endgame (now £52.49), plus all the stuff that has been discounted yesterday and earlier in the week.

Expect more deals to arrive in the coming days as well, hopefully including that pesky Rocket Assembly & transport set that's been in my sights for a while now.