Lego's Getting Back Into the Wooden Toy Business, Starting With a Giant £109 Wooden Minifigure

By Tom Pritchard on at

Way back when, during the olden days when Lego was just what venture capitalists would now call a start-up, Lego was not in the business of pumping out plastic bricks. In fact, back in 1932 Lego was all about wooden toys, and nearly 90 years later the wood is making a comeback.

So here comes Lego Originals, a new range of Lego products that doesn't rely on ocean-choking plastic - just good old fashioned biodegradable wood. And the first product to hit the range is an upscaled 5:1 replica of the humble minifig.

Though measuring 20cm x 11cm x 9cm, it's not actually very mini at all.

Lego claims it's a rare and limited edition product, which has gone on sale to guests at a pop-up gallery in London's Covent Garden today and tomorrow. Though sadly the emails offering invites were sent out last week, and those spaces filled up almost immediately. I had to find my wallet because it wanted my Lego VIP number, and by the time I sat back down my spot had been filled.

But it's not all bad news. VIP members who couldn't attend will be able to buy the not so-mini-fig from the Lego website from 3rd October (Sunday). It then goes on general sale on 8th November, better known as next Friday.

The upscaled figure comes with a 28-page booklet featuring the history of the minifigure, the work that went into developing the wooden version, and ideas on how fans can personalise their own wooden Lego dude. Lego designers have already had their go, and they're on show for guests to see at the pop-up.

If you want one it will cost you a fair bit, sadly, because Lego is asking for £109 for your chance to own one.