Save £100 on an LG LOUDR Home Cinema System in Another Early Cyber Monday Discount

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday is over, but the Black Friday period is still ongoing. Because Cyber Monday hasn't happened yet, and that means we have two whole days of deals that are still technically Black Friday deals, because that's how retailers do things these day. Today, we have a discount on one of LG's LOUDR home cinema systems.

Normally this system would cost you £300, but because of Black Friday it's been knocked down to just £200 - saving you 100 whole pounds in the process. So you can go and spend that money on an Xbox or something.

e system comes with a 3D Blu-ray player (do people actually buy 3D Blu-rays?), two tall boy speakers, and two satellite speakers that are designed to offer more precise audio. There's also a Bass Reflex subwoofer, an FM radio, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI out, ethernet connectivity, and a private listening mode for when you can't wake your baby/partner/adult children who won't leave the house and find jobs.

Don't you think it would go perfectly with that big new TV you definitely bought even though you told your partner you it cost half as much as it actually did?

Of course if £200 and all that equipment is too much, you can always go cheap on an LG SK1D All-in-One 100W Soundbar - which is now £45 instead of the usual £65.