Manchester United Teases Licensing Deal With Lego

By Gary Cutlack on at

I might try to do that most ambitious crossover of all time meme here, but I'd probably get it wrong somehow. The news is genuinely astonishing, though, as teetering football titans Manchester United have revealed a deal to license their stuff out to enable Lego to create official Man U merchandise of some sort.

The statement from the club doesn't say what we can expect, though, or reveal if fans might soon see a full team sheet of minifigures to feel through the wrapping and collect, a £170 Old Trafford, or perhaps it's the other way round and Lego is launching a football team in Denmark and wants to borrow a few players on loan for a bit.

Here's what we have to go on, released in a statement from the football club: "Our partnership with Lego is a licensing agreement. More information on the partnership and some exciting new products will be released in the new year."

Could just be a Ninjago Eric Cantona action diorama, complete with young face and angry bearded philosopher late-period face. Sorry, that's the most up to date football reference I have. [offthepitch via Brickset]

Image credit: Unsplash