Market Deeping Station Redevelopment Works Completed

By Gary Cutlack on at

The manmade earthquake that destroyed the rail infrastructure of Market Deeping is now but a distant memory, as rebuilding works of the line and associated village surrounds  have been completed – allowing men to make quiet, contentented chuffing sounds as the miniature trains ride once more.

The rebuilt Market Deeping installation is to be put on public display this weekend at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in Birmingham's NEC, where the results of tens of thousands of pounds of new equipment and thousands of priceless skilled hours of work are now on display, for a new generation of rail enthusiasts to pore over. Or the same old blokes, but still.

The Market Deeping Model Railway Club has made particular thanks to the support and financial donation of mainstream model railway enthusiast Sir Rod Stewart, whose £10,000 donation to the rebuild fund – and recent outing as the owner of a staggering model build himself – helped bring the cause to national attention. [BBC]