Guarantee a Family Fight This Christmas by Grabbing One or More Kinds of Monopoly in the Black Friday Sales

By Tom Pritchard on at

Is there a game moe routinely despised, but still so widely accepted as Monopoly? Some older people claim video games bring out the worst in people, but they routinely forget all the strife and physical violence that's been caused because Dad was pilfering notes out of the bank when nobody was looking.

So what better way to cause discontent this Christmas than grabbing one of the many different kinds of Monopoly that have been discounted in the Black Friday sales? Forget talking about Brexit, or why you hate/love/don't care about Jeremy Corbyn, this is the real way to cause family drama.

What sort of deals do we have? Well classic punch-your-brother-in-the-face Monopoly is currently £15 (down from £22), the fancy upgraded voice Monopoly that has an AI banker is £16.87 (down from £30), and the weirdly-self-aware Cheaters Edition is £10 (down from £22).

There's also Monopoly Junior for £5 (down from £17), while the Mega Edition' (because Monopoly doesn't take long enough already) is £6 less at £24.

So there you go. No need to stand on eggshells around your racist relatives in a month's time. Simply nab a Monopoly board and try your best to drive them into bankruptcy.