New Polymer Scottish £20 Notes Coming to Horrify and Confuse London WHSmith Staff

By Gary Cutlack on at

Next year's going to be a great one for news stories about Scottish bank notes being refused in England, as the Bank of Scotland is preparing to launch an all-new polymer £20 that'll have staff in mainline rail stations threatening to call the police when someone tries to pay for their lunch with one.

To make matters more complicated, the Bank of Scotland is releasing two different variants of its polymer £20 early next year, with different designs on each; which'll only make it appear all the more dodgy when the limited edition one with the Queensferry Crossing on it is used to attempt to pay for a newspaper and a bottle of Coke because there isn't any Irn Bru in Euston station.

The design of the standard polymer £20 note isn't massively different from the look of the current paper incarnation, also featuring Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh's Mound and the Forth Bridge. But now there's an enormous transparent window as a security feature, alongside the advanced anti-counterfeiting elements of a holographic depth stripe and a colourful Northern Lights effect atop the foil when it's moved around, suspiciously, in the light. [Bank of Scotland]