Amazon Black Friday Deal Saves You £450 on a Brand New Nikon DSLR

By Tom Pritchard on at

Sometimes a smartphone just isn't enough, and you need a proper camera that can do all the camera things that smartphones can only do in a half-hearted software-trickery kind of way. Or maybe you just like holding something and using a proper zoom. Whatever your reason, if you're in the market for a new DSLR, Amazon has knocked £450 off one for Black Friday.

This deal is only available today, and involves the Nikon D610 digital SLR camera body. Normally that would cost you £1,199, but Black Friday is knocking that down to £749. That's a 38 per cent reduction, for those who can't work out percentages in their head.

Of course this deal is only for the body, and you're going to have to go off and acquire a lens or two before the camera is of any use. Otherwise your photos will come out blurry and unrecognisable, if they'll even come out at all.

Thankfully there are deals on Nikon lenses (and cameras) happening all day, including £130 off this 18-140mm DX lens (with autofocus, and f/3.5-5.6). It won't work for everything, but when a £539 lens drops down to £409, you should pay attention.