Nintendo's Labo Robot is Mega-Cheap for Black Friday

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're huge fans of Labo, Nintendo's risk-taking cardboard DIY accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

We first tried out the awesome robot kit back when it first came out last April, but if you haven't got one yet, this is the best chance yet to grab it at a bargain price.

For Black Friday, Amazon has reduced the Labo Robot Toy-Con kit from £39.49 to just £14.99, a saving of £24.50, or 62% for all the percentage fans out there.

The Labo Robot Toy-Con kit is suitable for kids 3 and up, plus adults of course -- but you will need a full Nintendo Switch to be able to use it, because you have to be able to put the Joy-Cons inside it, and the ones on the Switch Lite don't come off.

Grab it here while it's cheap, then check out Nintendo's own Black Friday deals.