Get 12 Months of Now TV Cinema and Entertainment for Just £99

By Tom Pritchard on at

Now TV is one way to get around the prospect of signing up to a contract with Sky TV, though it still doesn't come cheap. An entertainment pass would normally cost £8 a month, while Sky Cinema costs £12 a month, totalling £240 over the course of the year. But, thanks to Black Friday, you can get 12 months of both for just £99.

That's well over half off, for those keeping count, and it means you get to enjoy all the best TV Sky has to offer without having to pay for all the usual nonsense that needs to be installed with Sky Q. Of course it's limited to 720p, which isn't quite as good, and it's only for new customers. So you can't exploit this again next year without making a new account.

Oh and it auto-renews at £20 a month when the year is up, so you'll need to keep track of that.

If you're interested in more, you can also get the Sky Sports pass for £20 a month for the next six months as well.