OnePlus Trolls Everyone With the Revelation of a Piano Made of Phones

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus took to Twitter yesterday to tease some new thing that was coming soon, and it turns out that new thing was, in fact, bugger all.

Yesterday's tweet said something was "coming soon," and that it wasn't another phone, but something "just as exciting" which I'm straight up calling bullshit on. Someone actually guessed that it was a piano made of OnePlus phones, and the big reveal was posted today.

This abomination has been made of 17 OnePlus 7T Pro handsets and it'll be on display outside the Tate Modern this Sunday from 12pm, if you want to go see it irl for yourself, for some reason. It'll then proceed to go on tour to three more locations in European cities, including Champs du Mars, Paris; Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany; and Central Station, Helsinki, Finland.

Apparently you can give it a go yourself, or watch "YouTube sensation" Karim Kamar play some shit. I've never heard of him myself, but I hang around entirely different corners of the internet than contemporary classical pianists and composers, so that's hardly an indicator of anything.

Our editor Tom was less than impressed with the OnePlus 7T Pro, saying it's nearly identical to OnePlus 7 Pro, so you should definitely check our his musings on the subject in the absence of any real OnePlus news. Because this piano is some bullshit.