OnePlus Rumoured to Be Working on a Wearable to Launch Alongside the OnePlus 8

By Shabana Arif on at

After toying with the idea of a smartwatch in the past, OnePlus could finally be making one.

A tweet from TechPP writer Tech Auntyji seems to indicate that OnePlus has something brewing, with a reference to a fitness-related wearable. While the brand isn't mentioned outright, it's 'Never Settle' slogan was directly referenced, leaving little doubt as to which tech company was being hinted at.

PhoneArena goes one step further, citing a leak the suggests the wearable - whether it's a fitness band or the smartwatch that was previously in development - will be launching alongside next year's OnePlus 8 in, which is expected to make its debut in May at the earliest.

Either way, it's a not a lot of information to go on, and it's not clear if OnePlus has resurrected its smartwatch, or if it's branching out into new territory with a fitness wearble, but it's a company that likes to share, so no doubt we'll hear more from its own mouth soon enough. [TechRadar]